Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sys Admin Tools 0.1 - Analysis

This is part one of a three part posting of a project that I am working on a project for CDOT at Seneca College that deals with deploying certain System Administrative Tools not only on the various machines/architectures within the CDOT environment, but also on a series of machines within the Fedora community. This project requires us to implement, fine tune, deploy, and document the following Administrative Tools explicitly within CDOT; Icinga/Nagios, Func, and Puppet. If you are interested in knowing more about this specific project visit the SBR600 Project Page.[Sys Admin Tools for ARM Build Farm]

Throughout the course of this project I will be working with two other colleagues. Each one of them will be working on a different System Administration Tool. They have created in their own blogs so that anyone within the Fedora community and CDOT would be able to monitor their progress on their specific Administration Tools – the links to their blogs along with their respected System Administration Tool is listed below.
Pirathapan Sivalingam – Puppet
Tim Furzer  – Func
Gian-Luca Casella – Icinga/Nagios

Whats Next?
Before any actual work can take place the proper research of all of these System Administration Tools must be conducted in order to determine what the best choice is for CDOT’s machines, being a System Administrator you must realize that not everything is full proof, so some extensive testing will need to be done in order to have a very smooth deployment of these tools.

Because we will be working with a series of different machines, architectures, and operating systems both within the open-source community and specifically CDOT we need to be able to understand how their systems function. Since the machines within CDOT run on a wide variety of platforms we require vital information from them, such as their current Operating System and architecture which will allow us to completely replicate them ensuring that there is less room for error during implementation and deployment of these System Administration Tools.

If you would like to continue reading please redirect yourself to Part Two of this post, in it there will be discussion on the following; Icinga vs. Nagios.

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